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NP Adjust™

Manufacturer: Agiliti

NP Adjust features self-adjusting foam-filled air cells which respond to patient weight and movement—promoting immersion, pressure redistribution and comfort. Four-way stretch top cover fabric and a layer of CuPro™ copper- and gel-infused foam help enhance microclimate by dissipating heat and moisture. Highly chemically resistant performance fabrics, RF-welded seams and exclusive Core Shield™ layer protect the internal components from contamination.

Bariatric and Behavioral Health versions also available (NP Adjust EX™ and NP Adjust BH™).

Foam-filled Air Cells

Self-adjusting foam-filled air cells contain layered and zoned foam for pressure redistribution.
np adjust self adjusting cells

Enhanced Microclimate

The four-way stretch top cover fabric and layer of CuPro copper- and gel-infused foam help enhance microclimate by dissipating heat and moisture.

Key Features

4-way stretch, high-performance breathable top cover promotes immersion

core shield vapor barrier

Core Shield™ minimizes risk of fluid ingress, extending surface life

rf welded seam

RF-welded seams improve durability and minimize risk of fluid ingress


Key Specifications

  • Max Patient Weight 500 lb.
  • Width 35"
  • Length 82"
  • Height 7"
  • Therapy Modes Reactive Pressure Redistribution

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment
Wound Care



What's Hiding in Your Support Surfaces?

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Support surfaces can sustain physical damage through extensive use, cuts or tears by sharp objects or repeated exposure to chemical disinfectants. An Agiliti Support Surface Audit can help provide insight into potential challenges within your support surface fleet—while also helping extend the life of your equipment.

Foam Support Surface Audit

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