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Ensure Precise Instrument Functionality and Reduce OR Service Costs

An Overlooked Driver of Unnecessary OR Costs

Surgical instruments are expected to provide physicians with the precision and consistency needed to execute successful surgical procedures. Yet, without the right quality and repair processes in place to safeguard the integrity of high-use equipment, a hospital’s instrument inventory can quickly become a burden to OR staff and a source of unnecessary repair and replacement costs.

Extend Useful Life, Reduce Downtime and Minimize OR Staff Burden

Agiliti helps you protect the clinical and economic outcomes in your OR by delivering comprehensive, high-quality service for your surgical instruments. Whether it’s laparoscopic instrument re-insulation, complex rongeur repairs or diamond dusting, Agiliti offers a broad range of onsite surgical instrument repair capabilities that quickly return instruments to their original fit, form and function. We combine flexible program offerings with robust educational resources to help your staff prevent equipment damage, simplify the instrument repair process and shorten equipment downtime — while delivering meaningful cost savings.

Reduce the Burden of the Surgical Instrument Repair Lifecycle

Ensure Precise Functionality

Keep patients safe by using surgical technology maintained to the highest quality standards (ISO 13485:2016)

Preserve Instrument Uptime

Onsite repair and quick turnarounds safeguard inventory availability and reduce costly downtime

Protect OR Investments

High-quality service and education help maximize instrument lifespan and reduce replacement costs

Reduce OR
Service Costs

Ensure OEM quality performance, without the OEM price tag

Surgical Instrument Services Portfolio

Agiliti offers a broad range of onsite surgical instrument repair services. With 275+ mobile service labs located coast to coast, our experienced technicians focus on returning instruments to their original performance standards — as quickly possible — right at your hospital. All repair services are governed by our commitment to ISO 13485:2016 quality standards* and backed by an industry-leading warranty. We also provide continuing education courses to help minimize unnecessary instrument repairs and extend the useful life of your equipment. Our intent is to have 98% or more instruments repaired same-day, onsite at your location. If a more complex repair is required, it is sent to one of several nationwide Centers of Excellence for depot repair.

Our nationwide services include:

General Surgical Instrument Service

From routine maintenance to complex repairs, Agiliti can provide a broad range of services for your stainless-steel instruments — including:

Laparoscopic Instrument Service

Extend the useful life of your laparoscopic instruments with simple, extensive, routine or on-demand service and repair that meets OEM fit, form and function.

Ophthalmic Instrument Service

There is no room for error with delicate neurosurgical and ophthalmic instruments. Agiliti has the experience and capabilities to diagnose the most subtle of problems, and we address them quickly and with precision.

Surgical Instrument Quality Assurance

Ensure your equipment is held to the highest quality standards in the industry – ISO 13485:2016*. Agiliti puts all instruments through thorough inspection and testing and follows strict measures to ensure parts compatibility, sourcing and traceability.

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Foundational for Equipment Value Management


Agiliti is quickly becoming a preferred source for surgical equipment repair because of our dedication to quality craftsmanship and unmatched service capabilities. But surgical equipment repair alone doesn’t address the growing challenges associated with a hospital’s entire network of equipment. Agiliti offers an approach called Equipment Value Management (EVM) that fixes processes within your hospital to multiply cost savings and deliver valuable clinical improvements.

*Agiliti is ISO 13485:2016 certified for the products and services and at the locations described in the scope of our certificates. Please refer to our Resources page for our current ISO certificates.