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npt3 support surface


Gel-Infused Foam Support Surface

NPT3 is constructed with nine foam-filled air cells that provide three separate zones of support, with head-to-heel coverage for patient comfort. Vented technology helps equalize pressure and maximize patient immersion more quickly—and provides advanced pressure redistribution for all body types. NPT3 is designed with materials which reduce chemicals of concern

Pressure Redistribution

NPT3 is designed with nine foam-filled cells providing three separate zones of support. The optional pump adds 1-in-2 alternating pressure therapy for pressure injury prevention.

Vented Technology

Air is vented in and out of the mattress until equalization is reached. This maximizes immersion and provides advanced pressure redistribution for all body types.

Mattress Asset Protection (MAP) Liner™

NPT3 includes a Mattress Asset Protection (MAP) Liner™ to protect internal components from contamination—the ultimate patient safeguard.
core shield vapor barrier

Infection Control

Most medical mattresses utilize top cover fabric that is easily compromised by harsh cleaning chemicals and sewing methods that punch thousands of tiny holes in the fabric. Both realities create openings for fluid ingress and contamination of internal components. NPT3 is designed with advanced technologies for improved infection control: RF-welded seams, chemically resistant fabrics and a MAP Liner™ for an additional layer of protection.

Key Features

close up of cu-pro support foam

New CuPro™ copper-infused, thermoresponsive foam breathes more freely while copper particles help dissipate heat more efficiently to keep the patient cool.

NPT3 is part of our Envy line® of support surfaces — designed with fabrics, foam and fire barriers without chemicals of concern.

rf welded seam

Instead of needle-sewn construction, NPT3 is designed with radio-frequency welded seams, which eliminates needle holes and provides a superior fluid barrier.


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 500 lb. or 1,000 lb.
  • Width 35", 39” or 48”
  • Length 80"
  • Height: 7"
  • Custom Sizes: Available
  • Therapy Mode(s) Immersion
    Reactive Pressure Redistribution
    Optional 1-in-2 Alternating Pressure

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment
Wound Care



Fight Pressure Injuries

Download the PI Staging Kit

A pressure ulcer/injury is localized damage to the skin and/or underlying soft tissue, usually over a bony prominence or related to a medical device. The injury can present as intact skin or an open ulcer and may be very painful. Learn to identify the stages of a pressure injury in both light and dark skin tones by accessing our Pressure Injury Staging Kit.