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Nurses spend over 20 minutes per shift searching for medical equipment. This task takes valuable time from patient care and often increases patient risks.

Dedicated Onsite Equipment Management

With Agiliti onsite staff managing your clinical equipment, your caregivers can spend more time focused on patient care.

Improved Access and Patient Care

Onsite Staff

One point of contact, onsite at your facility. From request to pick-up, we efficiently manage equipment throughout a single department — or across an entire facility

Rapid Turn Around

Agiliti implements one comprehensive management process that improves equipment up-time, providing quick and reliable access to patient-ready equipment

Tracking and Reporting

Every enrolled device is tracked and documented to the patient level — ensuring equipment is managed efficiently and data is readily available for regulatory and compliance reporting

Program Benefits


Caregiver Productivity

Increased equipment up-time and availability improves caregiver productivity by reducing time spent “hunting and gathering” equipment

Speed to Therapy

Efficient throughput improves access to the right equipment, increasing speed to therapy and supporting optimal patient care

Caregiver Satisfaction

Dedicated on-site staff and process improves caregiver satisfaction by ensuring equipment is available when and where it is needed

Reduced Risk

Every device is managed and maintained to the highest quality standards, decreasing risks for both caregivers and patients


Reliable Quality

Ensures every device is thoroughly cleaned, maintained, repaired and inspected prior to use, and is available on-demand, when and where it is needed


Accurate and real-time reporting that facilitates process improvement and provides the documentation needed for The Joint Commission and other accreditation programs

On-demand Equipment

Ensures on-demand availability of patient-ready equipment

Improved Utilization

Increased availability of existing assets reduces perceived equipment shortages and unplanned capital purchases

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Foundational for Equipment Value Management


Our onsite services unburden staff and reduce equipment costs — but these services alone don’t address the spectrum of nursing efficiency, equipment utilization or service cost reduction needs. Agiliti offers an approach called Equipment Value Management (EVM) that fixes processes within your hospital to multiply cost savings and deliver valuable clinical improvements.