Rent Individually or as a Collection

By getting your patients up and moving sooner, you can help reduce pressure ulcer development, accelerate post-operative recovery and support better respiratory outcomes. Not only that, but studies show that early mobility decreases length-of-stay by 2.7 days. From low beds to fall mats to toilet lifts and more, Agiliti offers all the essential specialty equipment caregivers need to accelerate patient recovery – ultimately delivering a better patient experience and saving your hospital money.

Featured Product: Shuttle B Series™

Shuttle B Series™ is the ultimate transitional item for rehabilitation, examination, and transportation. This fully electric product accommodates weight capacities up to 1000 lb. and transforms with the touch of a button from chair to stretcher and back to chair. The stand-assist function is complete with ambulation poles for the safety and confidence of both patient and caregiver. 

Improve Outcomes and Drive Savings by Making Quality a Priority

At Agiliti, we adhere to quality standards that meet or exceed stringent OEM regulations — ISO 13485:2016 certification. We also deliver the pumps, ventilators, surgical lasers, specialty beds, therapy surfaces and other equipment you need, on-time, in patient-ready condition, every time.

Patient Risk

Optimize time-to-treatment and help prevent incidents, such as pressure ulcers and falls

Control Capital and Rental Costs

Recover millions of dollars you currently spend replacing equipment

Reduce Administrative Burden

One call, one invoice – you get better outcomes and happier staff


We deliver patient-ready equipment when and where it is needed