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Med-Surg Bed

Alliance is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly Med-Surg bed with an open-architecture flat deck to accommodate numerous mattress options. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, the bed is easy to clean and maintain while offering key features that enhance patient comfort.


Alliance has a simple interface and a quick learning curve. This allows caregivers to use the bed right away, minimizing in-servicing time and increasing staff availability.
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Budget Friendly

Alliance has a low up-front cost and can be purchased, leased-to-own or rented, allowing for flexibility in budgeting. Due to its simple design and durable construction, Alliance is also easy to maintain—creating a low total cost of ownership. For additional budgeting peace of mind, Agiliti offers the industry’s best extended warranty: 5 years on everything except welds (which are guaranteed for 10 years!).

Highly Maneuverable

Alliance is designed with high-impact plastic, making it ultra-lightweight and super durable. Weighing in at only 385 pounds, it is highly maneuverable and does not require a power drive, which means lower cost, less maintenance and less downtime.
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Acuity Adaptable

Alliance is acuity adaptable, allowing for a seamless transition from ICU to Med-Surg to Rehab/Post Acute—all with a single bed frame. Utilizing an acuity-adaptable bed frame minimizes expenses, increases available space and requires less caregiver training.

Open Architecture

Alliance is designed with an open-architecture flat deck that accepts most mattresses—including Agiliti and other brands. This provides caregivers with the flexibility to choose the best surface for their patients no matter the manufacturer.

Key Features

alliance bed frame rest secure system

Built-in Rest Secure System™ includes a bed exit alarm, protocol timer and scale.

alliance bed frame extension knob

Bed extends to fit mattresses up to 88”--accommodating varying patient heights.

alliance bed frame open architecture

Radiolucent top deck features built-in, adjustable X-ray pan.

Available Accessories

Alliance comes with a number of accessories to fit your facility’s needs. From a trapeze to additional power outlets, we’ve designed Alliance with the features needed to reduce caregiver injury and improve patient care.
  • IV Pole
  • O2 Holder
  • Pillow Speaker
  • Power Outlets


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 550 lb.
  • Deck Low 17.375"
  • Deck High 31.5"
  • Deck Width 35"
  • Deck Length 80" - 88"

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
Fall Prevention



Keep Beds Out of the Graveyard

Bed repair and maintenance that fits your budget and timeline

Access experienced biomedical technicians who are certified to repair and maintain all major hospital bed manufacturers and models. Our technicians can quickly repair casters, foot boards, headboards and side rails – including control panels, connectors and cables.