Rotate™/Big Turn™

Rotation Low Air Loss
Rotate and its bariatric counterpart, Big Turn, provide continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT) and immersion for pressure redistribution. The surfaces’ low air loss capability and high-tech fabric combine to help control patient microclimate and both surfaces feature a pulsation mode, which stimulates capillary blood flow to the skin. Rotate and Big Turn are sized to fit most Med-Surg and ICU bed frames.

Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy

Rotate and Big Turn feature full-body continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT) to promote pulmonary hygiene. Customize the therapy for each patient’s needs: left turn, right turn, full turn and turn assist.
Rotate™ Support Surface|||

Low Air Loss

Laser-cut holes in the air cells provide constant low air loss to support optimal patient microclimate—dissipating moisture and keeping the skin/surface interface cool and dry.

Pulsation and Immersion

In addition to rotation, the surface also features pulsation and immersion modes for pressure injury prevention and treatment. Pulsation stimulates capillary blood flow by gently raising and lowering cell pressure, while immersion promotes proper envelopment for pressure redistribution.


An optional percussion/vibration module helps loosen secretions in the lungs. The easy-to-use hand control helps target zoned percussion, vibration or a combination of therapies.

Fabric Characteristics

Breathable: The specialized top cover fabric promotes airflow for improved patient microclimate but remains resistant to fluids.
Low Friction: A quilted inner layer partners with the top cover to reduce friction and shear—enhancing patient comfort and healing.
Advanced Chemical Resistance: Cover fabrics are highly chemically resistant and RF-welded—two factors that support infection control and prevention.


Key Specifications

Safe Working Load
600 lb. or 1,000 lb.
Max Patient Weight
550 lb. or 950 lb.
35”, 39” or 48”
80” or 82”
Therapy Modes

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
PI Prevention/Treatment
Wound Care



Patient Success Story

“[Rotate] is so much better. On days when I don’t have help, I can easily turn him. Plus, the fabric is more breathable. I can put my hand under his back and it won’t be hot at all.”