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crosscare bed frame

Crosscare™/Eleganza 5

Manufacturer: LINET®

Crosscare/Eleganza 5 introduces a new level of safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) to Med-Surg and ICU patient care. The acuity-adaptable bed frame features a 15-degree lateral turn, which simplifies care and combines with the patient-controlled Mobi-Lift® handle to aid early mobility. Patient comfort and healing are enhanced by the bed’s multi-section frame design and eight standard positions.

Hands-Free Lateral Turn

The innovative, hands-free foot control provides a 15-degree lateral turn, which allows for ergonomically correct posture and minimum effort to turn the patient—simplifying patient repositioning, pressure injury prevention and early mobilization—while also reducing caregiver injury.
crosscare bed frame 15-degree tilt

Early Mobilization

Crosscare’s Mobi-Lift® handle allows patients to control bed height when getting in and out of bed. Coupled with the lateral turn feature and ergonomically shaped handles in the siderails, Crosscare supports early mobilization while reducing the risk of patient and caregiver injury.

Ergoframe® Multi-Positioning

Crosscare/Eleganza 5 was designed with a multi-section frame allowing it to transition to eight standard positions to aid in patient care and allow for greater comfort. The Cardiac Chair position helps to optimize pressure injury prevention and patient comfort while the Vascular Position with raised feet helps control edema and relieve the cardiovascular system.
crosscare multi-positions
crosscare bed frame electric foot extension

Electric Bed Extension

Crosscare/Eleganza 5 comes standard with an automatic electric platform that adjusts up to 8” to accommodate diverse patient heights for improved patient comfort and versatility.

Acuity Adaptable

Crosscare/Eleganza 5 is designed with the ability to serve both Med-Surg and ICU patients. Pair this advanced bed with one of our rental low air loss support surfaces like Rotate™ or Immerse™ to support a higher level of patient acuity and expand your ICU capacity. Or utilize Crosscare with a Foam or Alternate™ surface for Med-Surg patients.

iBoard Controls

Crosscare/Eleganza 5 is designed with iBoard, a smart technology caregiver control system and Safety Monitor® that acts as one control point for staff. It includes a logical display of all information, comes with preselected functions and safety features, and is intuitive and easy to use.

Safety Features

Split siderails are optimized for fall prevention while minimizing entrapment risk

i-Brake® automatic brake helps prevent falls caused by unlocked casters, especially during bed exit

bed exit alarm nurse call icon

Multizone Bed Exit Alarm allows staff to monitor patient to help minimize fall risk


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 550 lb.
  • Deck Low 17"
  • Deck High 32"
  • Deck Width 35"
  • Deck Length 82" - 90"

Clinical Use

Early Mobility
Safe Patient Handling



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