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Bari Rehab Platform 3

Bari Rehab Platform 3™

Bariatric Bed: Med-Surg, ICU and Rehabilitation

Bari Rehab Platform 3 is designed to address the needs of the bariatric patient and their caregiver. The expandable width and length options accommodate patients of all sizes, providing both safety and comfort. Bari Rehab Platform 3 also features the innovative Power Drive 360™ which moves forward, backward and side to side with ease.

Expandable Deck

Our bariatric bed is designed to support patients up to 1,000 pounds and to accommodate a variety of patient widths and heights. Bari Rehab Platform 3 features an Expandable Deck that allows the bed to easily transition from 39” to 48” widths. This provides space for proper clinical care and patient movement while ensuring easy transportation through facility doorways. There is also an optional 86” length available to accommodate taller patients.
bedframe deck expansion

Power Drive 360™

Bari Rehab Platform 3 debuts the Power Drive 360™ for easy navigation through crowded hospital corridors—enabling forward, backward and side-to-side motions, plus the ability to turn on a dime.

Multi-Use Platform

Bari Rehab Platform 3 is a multi-use platform designed to help reduce length of stay by accelerating your patients' recovery. The 15.35” deck low and 30" deck high promote patient mobilization and allow caregivers to address patients' needs at a safe, comfortable level.
Bari Rehab Platform 3 multi-use
Bari Rehab Platform 3 cardiac chair

Cardiac Chair

Bari Rehab Platform 3 is easy to place in Cardiac Chair Position—with adjustable back, seat and leg angles that can help you achieve the most clinically effective position for your patient.

Open Architecture

Bari Rehab Platform 3 is designed with an open-architecture flat deck that accepts most mattresses—including Agiliti and other brands. This provides caregivers with the flexibility to choose the best surface for their patients no matter the manufacturer.

Available with Hercules Patient Repositioner™

With the touch of a button, Hercules repositions patients up to 750 pounds, helping to reduce work-related injuries and hospital-acquired pressure injuries.

Rest Secure System™: A Multifunctional Patient Care Monitor

bed exit alarm nurse call icon

The bed exit alarm features three sensitivity settings, five alarm tones, a voice-recordable alarm feature and interfaces with existing nurse call systems.

stopwatch 10 seconds icon

Protocol timer includes 1, 2 or 4-hour intervals and an audible tone with nurse call system interface.

scale bariatric icon

The integrated scale can weigh patients in bed in pounds or kilograms, automatically weighs daily and stores a 30-day history.

Available Accessories

Bari Rehab Platform 3 comes with a number of accessories to fit your facility’s needs. From a trapeze to additional power outlets, we’ve designed the bed with features to help reduce caregiver injury and improve patient care.
  • IV Pole
  • O2 Holder
  • Pillow Speaker
  • Power Outlets
  • Trapeze


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 1,000 lb.
  • Deck Low 15.35"
  • Deck High 30"
  • Deck Width 39" - 48"
  • Deck Length 80" or 86"

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
Fall Prevention
Safe Patient Handling



Keep Beds Out of the Graveyard

Bed repair and maintenance that fits your budget and timeline

Access experienced biomedical technicians who are certified to repair and maintain all major hospital bed manufacturers and models. Our technicians can quickly repair casters, foot boards, headboards and side rails – including control panels, connectors and cables.