Alternate™/Mighty Air™

Alternation Low Air Loss
Alternate™, and its bariatric counterpart, Mighty Air™, offer active pressure redistribution with 1-in-3 alternating pressure. The surfaces’ low air loss capability and high-tech fabric combine to help control patient microclimate, while immersion mode promotes proper envelopment. Both surfaces are sized to fit most Med-Surg and ICU bed frames.

Two Therapy Modes

1-in-3 alternation provides optimal pressure redistribution by dropping every third cell during the programmed cycle times (3 to 20 minutes). In immersion mode, the 4-way stretch top cover allows for optimal envelopment, as the patient comfortably sinks into the surface.

Low Air Loss

Laser-cut holes in the air cells provide constant low air loss to support the patient microclimate—dissipating moisture and keeping the skin/surface interface cool and dry.

Patient Success Story

“It’s given me a better quality of life. It’s allowed me to continue to work,” said Mike. “It’s sped the time up almost double as far as the healing’s concerned.”
Alternate™ Support Surface||||Patient lies in bed on Alternate™ surface

Fabric Characteristics

Breathable: The specialized top cover fabric promotes airflow for improved patient microclimate but remains resistant to fluids.
Low Friction: A quilted inner layer partners with the top cover to reduce friction and shear—enhancing patient comfort and healing.
Advanced Chemical Resistance: Cover fabrics are highly chemically resistant and RF-welded—two factors that support infection control and prevention.


Key Specifications

Safe Working Load
600 lb./1,000 lb.
Max Patient Weight
550 lb./950 lb.
35”, 39” or 48”
80” or 82”
Therapy Modes

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment
Wound Care



Fight Pressure Injuries

Download the PI Staging Kit

A pressure ulcer/injury is localized damage to the skin and/or underlying soft tissue, usually over a bony prominence or related to a medical device. The injury can present as intact skin or an open ulcer and may be very painful. Learn to identify the stages of a pressure injury in both light and dark skin tones by accessing our Pressure Injury Staging Kit.