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Adapt Convertible™

Manufacturer: Agiliti

Adapt Convertible features self-adjusting foam-filled air cells, which respond to patient weight and movement — promoting immersion, pressure redistribution and comfort. Adding the Adapt Pump™ upgrades the surface’s therapeutic benefits by offering targeted airflow microclimate management and the option of 1-in-2 alternating pressure. The breathable top cover fabric and a layer of CuPro™ copper- and gel-infused foam help dissipate heat and moisture.

Foam-filled Air Cells

Self-adjusting foam-filled air cells contain layered and zoned foam for pressure redistribution.

Enhanced Microclimate

The breathable four-way stretch top cover fabric and layer of CuPro copper- and gel-infused foam help enhance microclimate by dissipating heat and moisture.

Optional Adapt Pump™

Upgrade Adapt Convertible's therapeutic benefits by adding targeted airflow microclimate management and the option of 1-in-2 alternating pressure.
Adapt Air™ surface and control unit
Adapt Convertible EX mattress illustration of bolsters sliding into place

Adapt Convertible EX™: the flexibility and comfort of seamless expandable

Adapt Convertible EX uses strategically designed foam bolsters to transform from 39 inches to 48 inches wide and 88 inches long — while also boosting its max patient weight to 1,000 lb.

Key Features

4-way stretch, high-performance breathable top cover promotes immersion

core shield vapor barrier

CoreShield™ minimizes risk of fluid ingress, extending surface life

rf welded seam

RF-welded seams improve durability and minimize risk of fluid ingress


Key Specifications

  • Max Patient Weight (Standard/EX) 550 lb./1,000 lb.
  • Width (Standard/EX) 35"/39"-48"
  • Length (Standard/EX) 82"/82"-88"
  • Height 7"
  • Therapy Modes Immersion, Reactive Pressure Redistribution
  • Optional Therapy Modes 1-in-2 Alternating Pressure, Targeted Airflow Microclimate Management

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment
Wound Care


Limited Rental

Fight Pressure Injuries

Download the PI Staging Kit

A pressure ulcer/injury is localized damage to the skin and/or underlying soft tissue, usually over a bony prominence or related to a medical device. The injury can present as intact skin or an open ulcer and may be very painful. Learn to identify the stages of a pressure injury in both light and dark skin tones by accessing our Pressure Injury Staging Kit.

Foam Support Surface Audit

Uncover damage to avoid
cross-contamination risks