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Names matter. And the best names do an excellent job of capturing the essence of a company. Why we chose ours.

What’s in a Name?

So, how important is the right name? You could ask the founders of the BackRub, who changed the company name to Google. That name seems to be working quite well. Or you could ask the executives at Pepsi, who are probably glad the company moved on from the original name, Brad’s Drink.

Names matter. And the best names do an excellent job of capturing the essence of a company. They hint at what the company does or what makes the brand valuable and different.

Which brings us to today. Our company name — Universal Hospital Services — fit us well for many years. It was an accurate moniker for decades as the company built a reputation for best-in-class equipment rental services. The UHS name and logo became part of the fabric in more than 7,000 hospitals and clinics across the US. Our name became synonymous with “quality,” “value” and “service” when it came to providing movable medical equipment (MME) rental.

Over the past several years, we’ve retained our reputation in providing top quality rental equipment, but also dramatically expanded our portfolio of offerings. Most notably, we introduced a framework called Equipment Value Management (EVM) — and it has helped transform our company and the value we bring to market. EVM connects previously fragmented equipment processes throughout the hospital and helps our customers reclaim millions in wasted equipment spending. By connecting our Rental, Onsite Management and Clinical Engineering solutions together to solve these challenges, it also enables clinicians, biomed departments and supply chain teams to work more efficiently. More collaboratively. And with greater agility.

Becoming Agiliti

Which brings us to our new company name — Agiliti. We believe this new name better describes two things about us.

First, Agiliti describes the impact we have on our customers’ workflows. Through our high-value solutions within EVM, we empower our customers to address critical challenges — lowering the cost of care, expediting time to therapy, improving patient safety, achieving regulatory compliance and simplifying standardization across facilities. By building efficient, agile equipment workflows, we give our customers the ability to deal with these challenges and more.

Second, Agiliti also describes our approach to the market. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, flexibility and ability to adapt to specific customer needs. Our goal is to move with the same speed and sense of urgency as the clinicians we support. Based on all of this, the name Agiliti is a great fit for us.

Even with this change, our relationship with customers remains same. If you are a current UHS customer, the people you know, your local teams, the services you receive and the equipment you trust — all remain in place. Our company leadership team also remains unchanged.

This is an exciting time for our company. Great people are driving this growth and positive change. This includes the customers who trust us with their equipment needs and the local Agiliti teams who support them.

Over the next several months, we plan to provide additional communications about the name change and our expanding portfolio of solutions. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our new name and what Becoming Agiliti means for our customers, please watch this video or send us a note at

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