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Tom 2

Pediatric Hospital Crib, Manufactured by LINET®

Tom 2 crib offers innovative features that improve the overall patient and caregiver experience. Designed with a focus on safety, Tom 2 supports fall prevention protocols, improves accessibility to the patient and provides a safe work environment for caregivers. Telescopic siderails with five height positions provide a customizable solution for safe and easy access to the child. Tom 2 also features a built-in scale and multi-zone bed exit alarm.

Enhanced Patient Access

Tom 2 is designed for enhanced caregiver access. Special features include telescoping siderails which stop at five positions, a special siderail door for checking on pumps/lines while the patient sleeps and transparent, removable bed ends which boost visibility.
tom 2 crib telescopic side rails

Improved Monitoring

The built-in scale allows the caregiver to monitor the patient’s weight, even while sleeping. The multi-zone bed exit alarm helps monitor the patient's position and protect against patient falls.

Better Care Environment

Smooth and quiet autoregression maintains a safe in-bed environment for the patient as the backrest is raised and lowered. Fully electric positioning allows the caregiver to easily raise the bed to an ergonomic position for providing care and lower the bed to a safe height for the patient.
tom 2 crib autoregression

Mattress Options

Tom 2 pairs clinically with several pediatric foam, gel and air support surfaces designed specifically for pressure injury treatment and prevention in infants and children.
  • Pediatric Pulse™
  • Pediatric Crib Mattress
  • Incubator and Bassinet Pads


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 165 lb.
  • Deck Low 23"
  • Deck High 33"
  • Deck Width 28"
  • Deck Length 56"

Clinical Use

Safe Patient Handling



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