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Dabir Patient Care Plus surface and controller

Dabir® Patient Care Plus™

Manufacturer: Dabir

Improve patient care and safety by leveraging clinically proven systems for preventing hospital ­acquired pressure injuries (HAPls). The Dabir Patient Care Plus provides whole-body skin protection for patients in supine position and offers dynamic alternating pressure to provide tissue offloading for pressure injury prevention. Patient Care Plus also features improved patient transfer and securement capabilities.

Maintain Patient Stability

The Dabir Patient Care Plus surfaces are customizable to each patient’s needs. The surfaces fully inflate to one inch, maintaining patient stability and optimizing tissue reperfusion.
Dabir Patient Care Plus surfaces


Whether the patient is in Critical Care, Med-Surg or the Emergency Department, the Dabir Patient Care Plus provides a streamlined setup for clinicians. The surfaces are multi-patient use and clean easily using approved, hospital-grade cleaners.

Patient Care Plus Controller

The compact controller provides many placement options and features include auto brightness display, easy-to-read status indicators and intelligent diagnostic and alert capabilities. Optional battery power available.
Dabir Patient Care Plus controller

Key Features

Dabir Patient Care Plus close up of surface

Designed to be small — minimizing the distance between areas of patient contact with the surface reduces skin stretch during alternating support immersion

cross section of torso and Dabir surface

Alternating pressure is achieved utilizing independent rows of small comfort nodes that promote interstitial blood flow between contact areas

Dabir Patient Care Plus controller close up of screen

The controller provides adjustable cycle speed and firmness control to maximize patient comfort and enhance tissue reperfusion

System Highlights

  • Multi-patient/semi-disposable with typical 30-day replacement
  • Easy wipe-down cleaning with approved cleaners
  • Various sizes available
  • Low-profile surface with tissue offloading
  • Installs between mattress and cover sheet


Key Specifications

  • Max Patient Weight 600 lb.
  • Width 26" or 33"
  • Length 50", 65" or 84"
  • Height 1"
  • Surface Life 775 hrs
  • Hose Length 5 ft or 10 ft
  • Compatible Frames ICU/Med-Surg
  • Controller Dimensions 3.75' H x 5.5" W x 13.25" L
  • Controller Power Source 15 ft power cord
    Optional Lithium Ion Battery

Clinical Use




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