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Dabir Surgical System surface and controller

Dabir® Surgical System™

Manufacturer: Dabir

The Dabir Surgical System offers whole-body skin protection for patients at high-risk of developing pressure injuries or tissue damage that are undergoing surgical procedures exceeding two hours. The system is designed to provide alternating pressure (AP) for patients across the perioperative setting and has been shown to reduce hospital-acquired pressure injuries from six percent to zero percent in neurosurgery patients.1

1. Alternating Pressure Overlay for Prevention of Intraoperative Pressure Injury Jain Joseph, Dylan McLaughlin, Vigen Darian, Lillian Hayes, Aamir Siddiqui. Journal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing. 2019;46(1):13-17.

How it Works

The Dabir Surgical System’s one-inch low-profile surfaces are comprised of rows of geometric air-filled nodes that alternate by inflating and deflating to provide tissue offloading. This allows tissue reperfusion to occur to help prevent pressure injuries from developing during operating room procedures.

Surgical Compatibility

This alternating pressure support surface has been shown to reduce interface pressure while maintaining effectiveness with other devices commonly found on the operating room table, including cooling pads, reactive patient positioners, bean bags, grounding pads and disposable patient transfer surfaces.

Easy-to-use Control Unit

Constructed from durable, easy-to-clean materials, the controller is designed for table-top positioning. An optional IV pole accessory is also available. Controller features include integrated carrying handle, easy power activation, smart interconnect system, cycle speed control and firmness control.
Dabir Surgical System controller

Key Features

Noise Control
The low-noise controller sits comfortably in a variety of placement options and connects to the surface by a hose assembly

wipe down clean icon

Easy to Clean
The low-profile surface is multi-patient use and cleans easily with approved, hospital-grade cleaners

Easy to Use
An innovative solution for pressure injury prevention in the operating room—helping to improve patient outcomes

System Highlights

  • Multi-patient/semi-disposable with typical 30-day replacement
  • Easy wipe-down cleaning with approved cleaner
  • X-ray translucent surface
  • Various sizes available
  • Low-profile surface with tissue offloading
  • Installs between mattress and cover sheet


Key Specifications

  • Max Patient Weight 400 lb.
  • Width 18", 20" or 23"
  • Length 40", 46", 80", 82" or 84"
  • Height 1"
  • Surface Life 220 hrs
  • Hose Length 1 ft, 5 ft, 9 ft, 30 ft
  • System Types Standard
  • Controller Dimensions 5" H x 7" W x 14" L
  • Controller Power Cords Latching: 15 ft
    Non-latching: 10 ft and 15 ft

Clinical Use




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