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As the use of medical laser technology continues to increase, so do the risks and safety concerns associated with surgical lasers. Establishing a dedicated MLSO is critical for your OR.
Hospitals are merging at an accelerated rate. But M&A alone won’t guarantee success. Hospitals need a plan to smooth the integration process and show quick results.
The shifting healthcare landscape and changes in consumer behavior have helped make patient retention the foundation for hospital success. Is your hospital using innovative and cost-effective strategies to improve patient retention?
Hospital clinical engineering teams have an important role to play in assessing emerging health care technologies. But how can you prepare for the next wave of tech if you don’t have the time and tools to do so?
Discover tips for reducing equipment costs and supply chain waste in your hospital. Learn how your supply chain team can improve clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience.
Non-patient tasks are overburdening many nurses, yet nurses play a tremendous role in patient satisfaction. Discover how freeing up nurses can improve your hospital’s HCAHPS scores and increase revenue.
The high volume of flu cases in Australia, plus the recent catastrophic run of hurricanes and ongoing wildfires, could signal a tough season ahead for the U.S. Here are 3 tips on how hospitals can better prepare for the flu.
The U.S. Congress is focusing on the quality and safety standards of all medical device suppliers and service providers, not just the OEMs. How do you know your medical equipment rentals are safe and patient ready?
One in eight nurses will leave their jobs within the year. This number may not surprise hospital staff or leadership, but the forces behind this trend might. Learn what some leading hospitals are doing to combat the high costs of nurse turnover.
Biomed departments are facing two dueling realities: large segments of their work force retiring, and the continued rise of software-enabled technology. Capturing the next wave of technical talent will determine if they sink or float. Are you prepared?
Healthcare is in flux. Many senior hospital leaders are looking for new ways to capitalize on change to improve top-line performance and fund growth initiatives. More often than not, those strategies are based on simple, economical practices.