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SkinGuard® Mattress Systems

Manufacturer: KAP Medical

The microprocessor controlled SkinGuard mattresses are designed to provide caregivers the therapies their patients need in a simple to use system. Innovative engineering allows the SkinGuard systems to address the needs of highly complicated patients; including standard, bariatric, length extension, and heel pressure injuries. These unique five zone mattress systems are easy-to-use, ensure patient comfort and deliver reliable clinical outcomes.


Key Specifications

  • Weight Capacity 500 lb. or 1,000 lb.
  • Width 36" (Standard, Vmatt)
    36" to 48" (Bariatric)
  • Length 80", 84" or 88"
    78" to 90" (UMS Vmatt)
  • Thickness 8"
  • Therapy Mode Alternating Pressure
    Low Air Loss
    Adjustable Heel Zone
  • Sizes Standard
  • Agiliti Prefix OSG, OSJ, OSP

Clinical Use

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