Behavioral Health Bed – Platform

Ligature- and Tamper-Resistant Bed
Behavioral Health Bed™ – Platform is made from high-density polyethylene for durability and solid weight, which is optimal for caregiver and patient safety in a specialized environment. The material is impact-resistant, so it won’t dent, crack or break even under heavy use. The bed is fitted with tamper-resistant fasteners and can be anchored to the floor for extra stability. The platform layout is easy to clean and maintain with no moving or electrical parts, and it is durable against harsh cleaning chemicals, supporting CDC cleaning guidelines and offering a higher level of infection control and prevention.

Security Advantages

Behavioral Health Bed™ — Platform is designed with security advantages that enhance its ligature-resistance, creating a safer environment for patients and caregivers in a variety of settings where safety and security are top priorities. This includes tamper-resistant fasteners, anchor points that allow the bed to be secured to floor, ligature-resistant low-profile head/footboards and optional restraint slots.

Clinical Advantages

Behavioral Health Bed™ — Platform is designed to, protect the most challenging behavioral health patients, featuring an optional lift opening to accommodate the Bari Lift and Transfer™ and a safe working load of 1,000 lb.

Restraint Slots

Behavioral Health Bed™ — Platform can be customized with optional restraint slots. Download our ligature-resistant products kit. The kit provides an overview of ligature-resistant products and includes educational articles on dual-diagnosed patients in today’s healthcare environment.

Customizable Features

Agiliti designs and manufactures Behavioral Health Bed™ — Platform in the USA, allowing us to customize each bed to your requirements or needs.
– Anchor Points: Floor or Wall
– Lift Openings
– Colors: Mist or Cocoa
– Restraint Slots
– Full-Enclosure Base


Key Specifications

Safe Working Load
1,000 lb.
Deck High
Deck Width
Deck Length

Clinical Use

Behavioral Health
Fall Prevention
Safe Patient Handling



Proudly featured in the
Behavioral Health Design Guide

Behavioral Health Facility Consulting (bhfc) is a leader in the behavioral health community and created the Design Guide to provide current information regarding products and philosophies that they deem better for use in psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health facilities.