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bahavioral health bed

Behavioral Health Bed™

Fully Electric Psychiatric Bed

Behavioral Health Bed is fully electric and ligature-resistant. PowerSafe™ technology ensures electrical safety, while the security and clinical advantages create a user-friendly, ergonomic bed for a variety of care settings.

Behavioral Health Bed was developed alongside behavioral health clinicians and is trusted by accredited hospitals nationwide.

Dual-Diagnosis Patients

Nearly one in five American adults experience mental illness, and 68% of adults with behavioral health conditions also have medical comorbidities. In addition, average length of stay for patients with a mental and/or substance abuse disorder is 38% longer than other patients. Healthcare facilities must be equipped to handle this patient population.
bahavioral health bed dual diagnosis venn diagram

Customizable Restraint Slots

Behavioral Health Bed can be customized with up to 12 restraint slots depending on facility needs. Choose the optional bed exit alarm if physical restraints are not warranted.

Footboard Lockout Controls

Footboard lockout controls are accessible with a universal key, and an easy-read indicator light helps clinicians quickly assess if the bed is locked.
bahavioral health bed footboard lockout
bahavioral health bed contiguous molding

Security Enhancements

Behavioral Health Bed is designed with security advantages that enhance its ligature-resistance, which creates a safer environment for patients and caregivers in a variety of healthcare settings, including geriatric. These security features include contiguous molded siderails and head/foot boards; tamper-resistant, encased wiring and security screws; quick-release power cord; and 7.5" deck low.

Optional Features

bahavioral health bed brake lockout

Pedal Lock Kit

Power cord lockbox

rest secure system

Rest Secure System
(Bed Exit Alarm, Protocol Timer, Scale)

Deck Gap Filler

behavioral health bed seizure pad

Seizure Pad Covers

behavioral health mattress

Behavioral Health Mattress™


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 850 lb.
  • Deck Low 7.5" or 9"
  • Deck High 30"
  • Deck Width 35" or 39"
  • Deck Length 82"

Clinical Use

Behavioral Health
Emergency Dept.
Fall Prevention
Safe Patient Handling



Keep Beds Out of the Graveyard

Bed repair and maintenance that fits your budget and timeline

Access experienced biomedical technicians who are certified to repair and maintain all major hospital bed manufacturers and models. Our technicians can quickly repair casters, foot boards, headboards and side rails – including control panels, connectors and cables.