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Case Study:

Hospital System Improves Utilization of Surgical Lasers Through a Shared Partnership

with Agiliti


Inova Health System is a nationally recognized network of hospitals that provides a full range of health services to meet the unique requirements of their patient and clinician needs. Inova invested in a new enterprise-wide effort called OneInova to establish process-based measures of quality across the organization. The goal was to standardize protocols that addressed the systematic challenges affecting patient experience, quality of care and nurse satisfaction.



Agiliti performed an on-site assessment of Inova’s current clinical and operational landscapes surrounding their laser program. After a thorough evaluation of all internal processes, Agiliti delivered a report with specific recommendations to help Inova standardize the management of their lasers and improve the use and efficiency of the equipment between each facility. Following Agiliti’ recommendations, Inova partnered with Agiliti to implement a program to manage all aspects of their surgical lasers with a dedicated, onsite team. The program included:

Standardizing the laser management processes across Inova’s facilities to improve equipment utilization and laser safety

Implementing a consistent scheduling and maintenance process of equipment to increase the accessibility of patient-ready equipment and reduce surgical case delays

Eliminating dual-competing roles for nurses, allowing them to focus on assigned tasks in the OR instead of equipment management

Reallocating equipment within the hospital network based on need and assisting in the removal of end-of-life lasers from Inova’s fleet

Providing a certified, regulatory compliant laser technicians who is responsible for staffing laser cases, transporting equipment and maintaining compliance


The program was a key driver in the success of the OneInova efforts and revealed the following results in the first six months of implementation throughout the system:

Improved Efficiencies
and Regulatory Compliance

“Agiliti scheduling is great. Technicians always arrive on time and are knowledgeable about the impact of OR throughput.”

Increased Nurse

“Staff is very happy with Agiliti, because they take care of everything equipment related.”

Improved Surgical Equipment Readiness, Preparation and Delivery

“We appreciate Agiliti technicians because they ensure surgical lasers are ready to go, exactly when we need them.”

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Source: In-person testimony with Agiliti staff