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Case Study:

Acute Care Hospital Reduces Equipment Service Costs, Improves Uptime

with Strategic HTM Model


This case study is based on a July 2018 survey of Agiliti customers by a 3rd-party research service. The profiled 300-bed acute care hospital* was looking to improve service compliance and reporting, lower capital equipment expenditures and reduce administrative burden. The hospital partnered with Agiliti to develop a strategic HTM program with an onsite team of Agiliti technicians managing all equipment, contract management, and professional services.

As a result of the Agiliti Clinical Engineering Services program, we’ve unlocked cost savings through improved inventory management and capital planning, while simultaneously generating better operational outcomes.

The Challenge

Use Case

Today, the profiled hospital relies on an outsourced clinical engineering program from Agiliti that features the following key capabilities:

Onsite Agiliti technicians managing the service on all equipment

Vendor and contract

Professional services: Capital planning, pre-purchase evaluations

The Supply Chain Director said there were various capabilities that differentiated Agiliti from the competition. This includes:

Capital planning support

turnaround times

Medical Equipment
Management Plan (MEMP)

Parts and contract

PHI & Risk

Program implementation and management process

The Results

After implementing an Agiliti clinical engineering program, the hospital reduced overall service cost through a combination of vendor management, capital cost avoidance, capital planning and improved inventory management. As the Supply Chain Director said:

“Agiliti offers better equipment tracking and clinical engineering service that provides cost savings, PM compliance, and capital planning.”

Additionally, the profiled acute care hospital has eliminated the administrative burden related to equipment maintenance (vendor management, capital planning, searching for equipment), and they agree that the Agiliti Clinical Engineering Services program is highly valuable as it relates to the success of their facility.

The hospital achieved the following benefits thanks to the Agiliti Clinical Engineering Services program:

Reduced service costs

Improved preventive maintenance and Recall Compliance

Reduced administrative burden (non-productive tech time)

Improved equipment

Achieved better
labor allocation

Avoided capital costs

Reduced equipment
rental costs

Improved employee

Improved inventory management

Improved capital
(planning) allocation

* The company featured in this case study asked to have its name publicly blinded because publicly endorsing vendors is against their policies.

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About This Case Study

This case study is based on a July 2018 survey of an Agiliti customer by a 3rd-party research service.