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Coloplast TFL Drive

Coloplast TFL Drive

Manufaturer: Coloplast

The Coloplast TFL (Thulium Fiber Laser) Drive is an all-in-one laser system for lithotripsy and precise soft tissue treatments. The graphical interface, touch screen and dial-like dashboard allows the operator to quickly select the appropriate treatment parameters and guides them through setup for the specific clinical situation. To optimize effectiveness in specific conditions, the technology also features pre-settings that adapt energy, frequency and power values to the size of fiber used, which range from 150μm to 1000μm. The system utilizes standard wall power outlets and features quiet air-cooling technology to provide users with low noise levels during procedures.


Key Specifications

  • Equipment Type Thulium Fiber Laser
  • Wavelength 1940nm ± 20nm
  • Power 60W
  • Electrical Config. 110-240VAC; 50/60Hz; 1000VA
  • Aiming Beam Green @532nm (adjustable) < 5mW, class 3R
  • Max pulsed energy 0.02 - 6J
  • Repitition Rate 1 - 2500Hz
  • Pulse Duration 50µs – CW
  • Cooling Air cooling system

Clinical Use




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