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carewise support surface

Carewise 5.1®

Foam Support Surface


Carewise 5.1 features a diamond die-cut upper layer that redistributes pressure, reduces shear, and allows air to circulate in order to keep patients comfortable. The highly resilient, super-soft foam heel area is 59 percent softer than the mattress body to protect vulnerable heels, and a full-length base provides a supportive foundation to prevent bottoming out. Firm side perimeters provide safer transfer and reduce the risk of entrapment and falls. The foam itself features antimicrobial qualities that can aid with infection control, and the mattress is latex- and PVC-free.

This mattress includes a two-way stretch, low-shear, antimicrobial, fluid-resistant, breathable cover for fluid-ingress protection. The top cover is a two-way stretch, polyurethane-coated fabric that allows for patient/resident envelopment.


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 400 lb.
  • Width 35"
  • Length 76", 80" or 84"

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment



Fight Pressure Injuries

Download the PI Staging Kit

A pressure ulcer/injury is localized damage to the skin and/or underlying soft tissue, usually over a bony prominence or related to a medical device. The injury can present as intact skin or an open ulcer and may be very painful. Learn to identify the stages of a pressure injury in both light and dark skin tones by accessing our Pressure Injury Staging Kit.

Foam Support Surface Audit

Uncover damage to avoid
cross-contamination risks