bk3000 and bk5000 Ultrasound/Fusion

Manufacturer: BK Medical
From the simplest diagnostic imaging to the most critical interventional procedures, every clinical situation has its own set of unique challenges. The BK 3000 and BK 5000 systems offer a full suite of innovative technologies along with advanced controls and adjustments to help you achieve the best possible image quality, across many applications. These include color Doppler with spatial resolution and sensitivity; Trucolor dynamic color flow allowing you to see high resistance blood flow patterns in blood vessels; Image enhancement using specialized technology that provides a well-focused image from the near to far field; Elastography, an imaging technique that allows you to see differences in tissue stiffness; Unique Vector Flow Imaging (VFI) mode that enables angle-independent visualization of blood flow; Contrast imaging that facilitates visualization of difficult lesions; 3D imaging that provides structural details in optimal planes.


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General Surgery



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