AcuSpot, AcuBlade and EasySpot Micromanipulators

Manufacturer: Lumenis
Small spot micromanipulators designed for ENT microsurgery adapt to a wide assortment of operating microscopes and can be configured for various working distances, which ensures the proper spot size selection and a controlled delivery of laser energy.

The AcuBlade laser delivery system adds robotic capabilities to CO2 laser microsurgery. AcuBlade combines the SurgiTouch computerized laser scanning system with an operating microscope, permitting highly uniform, user-defined control over incision length, ablation area and penetration depth during procedures.

The ACCU-Beam® CO2 Laser EasySpot Micromanipulator is the ultimate solution for ENT and Neruosurgery where minimum therapeutic CO2 laser spot sizes are required. The EasySpot micromanipulator connects articulated arm CO2 lasers to surgical microscopes. Features include a small spot size, adjustable joystick tension, movable handrest 360 degree rotation, microscopic adaptors and laser arm adaptors.


Key Specifications

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CO2 Accessory
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