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Trinity® Fusion

Manufacturer: Koelis

The Koelis Trinity is a fully integrated fusion biopsy system specifically created for personalized prostate care for both transperineal and transrectal approaches. Equipped with the Organ-Based Tracking® technology and multiparametric image fusion, the Trinity enables a physician to pinpoint MRI lesions and record targeted and systematic biopsy locations on a digitized 3D patient-specific prostate map, achieving a 2.3mm target accuracy.

Thanks to KOELIS’ Full 3D Ultrasound End-Fire probe and Organ-Based Tracking Fusion®, a spatial distribution of biopsy cores are visualized in real-time and stored over a 3D prostate cartography. No problem in case of patient movement, the organ’s position is tracked in order to compensate for prostate deformation and patient motion. The freehand fusion biopsy system brings a great degree of accuracy to image-guided intervention by providing optimal visualization of the organ.


Key Specifications

  • Equipment Type Ultrasound
  • Electrical Config. 100 - 240VAC
    6 - 3.75amps

Clinical Use




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