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Sleep Lab Bed™

Air-Adjustable Support Surface

Sleep Lab Bed is an air-adjustable support surface with 45 levels of soft/firm comfort settings. The medical-grade, wipe-down top cover makes it easy to clean and disinfect for improved infection control. Combine with one of our base options and you have optimal patient comfort—and better sleep.

A Better Sleep Lab Bed

The Sleep Lab Bed provides a unique advancement for your sleep center—pairing consumer-grade features with a medical-grade top cover. Watch the video to learn more.

Medical-Grade Top Cover

Most sleep lab beds utilize quilted fabric top covers that absorb fluids, odors and colors. The Sleep Lab Bed is designed with an extreme polycarbonate fabric, which resists cleaning chemicals and supports CDC cleaning guidelines for a higher level of infection control and prevention.

Air-Adjustable Support Surface

Sleep Lab Bed is an air-adjustable support surface with 45 levels of soft/firm comfort settings. This allows the patient to find their ideal firmness for optimal comfort—and better sleep.
Sleep Lab Bed remote control
Sleep Lab Bed frame options

Multiple Base Options

We offer a wide selection of bases to fit facility requirements and patient comfort. From adjustable bases for added patient comfort, bariatric bases to accommodate all patient body types, or a medical-grade hospital base, we have an option to fit your needs.

Expert Delivery

Trained Agiliti technicians will deliver and set-up your beds, and quality testing will be performed prior to completion to ensure all equipment is working properly prior to your first sleep study participant.

Key Features

core shield vapor barrier

Core Shield™ minimizes risk of fluid ingress, extending surface life.

close up of cu-pro support foam

CuPro™ copper- and gel-infused foam helps enhance microclimate by dissipating heat and moisture.

rf welded seam

RF-welded seams improve durability and minimize risk of fluid ingress.

Pediatric Sleep Lab Bed Options

Sleep problems are very common in childhood from infants to teenagers. Pediatric sleep studies require a special selection of beds to accommodate this diverse yet delicate patient population. Considerations include age, weight, fall risk, parent accommodations, safety, and comfort. Agiliti designs a number of beds that address these wide-ranging pediatric sleep study requirements.
  • Hospital Bassinet
  • Parent Co-Sleeper
  • Fall Prevention Low Bed
  • Bariatric Bed
  • Hospital Bed


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 1,000 lb.
  • Sleep Surface Width 54" (Full XL)
    60" (Queen)

Clinical Use

Patient Comfort



Featured in Sleep Review Magazine

What’s the best mattress for your sleep lab? A robust consumer mattress market means patient expectations are high, but practical considerations such as weight range, firmness and ease of disinfection remain top of mind for sleep center managers.