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Umano Ook Snow All bed


Manufacturer: Umano Medical

Have you ever imagined a hospital bed that would accommodate all patients throughout multiple care environments? It is now possible with the OOK snow ALL. With its one-step width expansion system, increased weight capacity, and low height, the ook snow ALL offers a game-changing standardization possibility. Through an innovative design and exceptional versatility, this new all-in-one bed will fulfill the needs of all your patients – including bariatric, med-surg and palliative care units – staff and institution.

Available with or without Pilot Drive™


Key Specifications

  • Weight Capacity 1060 lb.
  • Deck Width 35" - 47"
  • Deck Length 80" - 84"
  • Deck Low 11"
  • Deck High 30"
  • Agiliti Prefix TED, TEH

Clinical Use

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