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Hercules Patient Repositioner

Hercules Patient Repositioner™

Repositioning Patients with the Touch of a Button

Hercules Patient Repositioner is a breakthrough in safe patient handling technology. With Hercules, one caregiver can safely boost a patient in bed within seconds. The patient lies on a sheet pulled by an easy-to-use drive, moving the patient up in bed with the simple push of a button. This process preserves the patient’s dignity—and protects the caregiver’s back.

Hercules: Reporting for Duty

With the touch of a button, Hercules repositions patients up to 750 pounds, helping to reduce work-related injuries and hospital-acquired pressure injuries. Watch the video to learn more.

As Easy as One, Two, Three

Hercules is easy to use--even for busy nurses. Just hold down two buttons on the drive unit, and the sheet boosts patient in 10 seconds or less. Release the buttons, and the sheet adjusts to eliminate tension.

Infection Control and Prevention

Hercules Patient Repositioner helps a single caregiver reposition a patient weighing up to 750 pounds—reducing patient room traffic, transmission risk and PPE usage.
hercules support surface patient repositioner on bari rehab platform 3
Hercules improves caregiver efficiency

A Value-Based Investment

The average bariatric patient needs boosting 11 times each day. Hercules saves your most expensive resource: staff time. What once took 4+ staff members* now takes only 1. What once took 10 minutes** now takes 10 seconds.

*NIOSH recommends a max weight of 35 lbs. per caregiver.
**Based on data gathered during customer trials.

Evidence-Based Outcomes

Over a 12-month period, three hospitals used Hercules and experienced exceptional results1

1. Case studies conducted by The Morel Company and used with permission. Outcomes from Reid Health (223-bed regional facility), The Christ Hospital (555-bed urban Magnet facility), and Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center (143-bed acute care facility).

Key Features

hercules support surface disposable sheet

A special 16-foot disposable sheet boosts the patient 8-10 times before being reset. The sheet is soft, lint-free, and breathable—a drier alternative to traditional cotton-blend sheets. Clips help the sheet slide along the support surface with the patient, reducing or eliminating friction and shear.

nurse assisting patient

Being pulled up in bed can be uncomfortable, unsafe and embarrassing for patients. With Hercules, one caregiver can easily handle repositioning while protecting the patient’s dignity, comfort and risk of injury.

pulsation therapy

To further defend against HAPIs, Agiliti offers Air Hercules Patient Repositioner, featuring low air loss pulsation therapy. Pulsation gently aides in the increase of capillary blood flow to the skin, while continuous low air loss keeps skin cool and dry.


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 750 lb.
  • Width 39" or 48"
  • Length 90"
  • Therapy Modes Pulsation
    Microclimate/Low Air Loss

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
PI Prevention/Treatment
Safe Patient Handling
Wound Care



Boosting Helps Prevent Pressure Injuries

When a patient migrates down in bed, their sacrum and heels are exposed to greater pressure interface—causing discomfort and increasing the likelihood of pressure injuries. Frequent boosting helps keep patients in a low-pressure, comfortable position.