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bari 10a bariatric bed

Bari 10A Bariatric Bed

Manufacturer: Joerns

A practical solution for better patient care and comfort for all patients. Bari10A can be used as a standard hospital bed, but can easily expand to accommodate your heaviest patients. Easy-to-use expansion and retraction with color-coded levers expands 6 inches on each side. Centrally located fifth wheel improves maneuverability and steering.

It has an expandable length from 80″ to 88″, includes hand pendant control, 5th wheel steering and angle indicators. Optional features include scale/footboard control and chauffer drive.


Key Specifications

  • Safe Working Load 1,050 lb.
  • Overall Width 39" or 52"
  • Overall Length 90" or 98"
  • Deck Low 18.7"
  • Deck High 33.7"
  • Agiliti Prefix ZNL, ZSI, ZTO

Clinical Use

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