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adapt pro elite mattress

Adapt Pro Elite™ Mattress

Manufacturer: Blue Chip Medical

The Adapt Pro Elite, Alternating Pressure Enhanced Low Air Loss Mattress with Patient Sensing Technology (PST), is the latest technology for the customized treatment and prevention of stages I-IV pressure sores. The Adapt Pro Elite Patient Sensing Technology (PST) measures the patient and automatically adjusts to create the patient’s optimal therapeutic surface. Low Air Loss therapy is incorporated into the mattress cover, transferring moisture away from the patient’s skin, and maintaining the optimal micro-climate.

Adapt Pro Elite Mattress is available in standard and bariatric sizes.


Key Specifications

  • Weight Capacity 400 lb. (standard)
    800 lb. (bariatric)
  • Width 36" or 48"
  • Length 80" or 84"
  • Height 8"
  • Therapy Modes Low Air Loss
    Alternating Pressure
  • Agiliti Prefix TUC, TUD, TUJ, TUL

Clinical Use

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