Lumenis® Novus Spectra Photocoagulator Rental

Posted: February 10, 2016

Lumenis Novus Spectra surgical laser

Lumenis® Novus Spectra PhotocoagulatorThe Lumenis Novus Spectra is an innovative photocoagulator with an extensive set of features that deliver power and reliability with proprietary advancements in diode-pumped solid-state technology. Next-generation DPSS technology drives 2.5 W of power from the compact Novus Spectra system and an active resonator temperature control ensures stable beam output and system reliability. Versatile, efficient and compatible with a wide-array of delivery devices, the Novus Spectra was designed to provide optimal results in the operating room and outpatient clinic.


  • Superior optics
  • ClearView™ Filters
  • Wavelength: 532nm