Lisa Laser RevoLix 200 Thulium Rental

Posted: February 8, 2016

Lisa Laser RovoLix 200 Watt Thulium Surgical Laser
Lisa Laser RevoLix 200wThe RevoLix 200 provides the highest available Thulium wattage (200) for the treatment of BPH. It has a wavelength of 2013 nm, which targets the water in tissue, providing superior vaporization, cutting and hemostasis of the prostate. In addition to BPH, the RevoLix 200 can also be used for strictures, bladder tumors and more. End and side fire fibers are both available for the RevoLix 200. Fibers can be used in contact and non-contact with tissue.


  • Consistent absorption by the chromophore
  • Narrow depth of thermal damage
  • Excellent hemostasis
  • Fast procedure times
  • End and Side fire fibers available


  • Less postoperative pain
  • Less necrotic tissue generated
  • Faster patient turn around and recovery