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BK MRI Fusion Guided Biopsy System

Posted: February 10, 2016

BK BioJet MRI Fusion Guided Biopsy System

Candela Perfecta®The BK MRI Fusion system overlays real-time ultrasound images from the Flex Focus with MRI identified regions of interest to provide real-time guidance during prostate biopsies. Targeted biopsies potentially reduce the incidence of under or over-treatment.

The combination of the BK Flex Focus and the MRI Fusion system supports both transperineal and transrectal biopsy methods. The BK endocavity biplane transducer is ideal for transperineal fusion biopsies. There are two options for transrectal fusion biopsies: the BK Triplane and BK prostate biplane transducer. Switching between transperineal and transrectal procedures is quick and intuitive.


  • Enhanced lesion targeting by combining MRI and real-time ultrasound
  • Support for both transrectal and transperineal biopsy procedures
  • Easy workflow for urologists and radiologists
  • Energy Output Versatility