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Biolitec EVOLVE Diode 200-Watt Laser System (980 nm)

Posted: February 8, 2016

Biolitec EVOLVE Diode 200-Watt Laser Systems (980 µm)The Biolitec EVOLVE Laser System is used to vaporize obstructing tissue. The LIFE (Laser Induced Flow Enhancement) procedure incorporates the EVOLVE Laser System with two patented fibers: the Fusion™ and Twister SF™. This minimally invasive procedure enhances patient benefits including quick recovery, local anesthesia, and minimal post-treatment side effects or discomfort.

The 980 nm wavelength of the EVOLVE Laser provides the highest combined absorption in water and hemoglobin. Since the prostrate contains a high percentage of water, the EVOLVE Laser vaporizes tissue effectively. Absorption of the laser energy by hemoglobin leads to excellent homeostasis combined with precise ablation of the obstructing tissue.


  • Laser Type: Diode
  • Wavelength: 980 nm
  • Aiming Beam: 635 nm-4 mW
  • Power Settings: 5-200 watts