How Hospitals Can Attract & Retain Millennial Biomed Technicians

Posted: August 23, 2017

Biomedical tech repairing a circuit board for a medical device

Biomed departments are facing two dueling realities: Large segments of their work force retiring, and the continued rise of software-enabled technology. Capturing the next wave of technical talent will determine if they sink or float. Are you prepared?

It’s Happening in a Hospital Near You

The digital transformation of every sector is leaving the business world desperate for technical talent. A recent survey of senior leaders across industries found that seven in 10 say finding and keeping top tech talent is a major business challenge.

In health care, medical technology increasingly drives modern care. Bedside medical equipment has increased 60 percent over the last 20 years.  Hospitals need experienced and reliable technical professionals to maintain, service and operate all this equipment. Analysts report that, by 2018, the need for biomed tech talent will grow by more than a quarter. The overall demand for health care technology management professionals will, itself, grow by more than 60 percent in the next 10 years.

attract and retain technical talent

It’s Not Just About the Growing Number of Seats Needing Skilled Technical Talent

Biomedical tech talent is a complex and increasingly difficult “get.” Among the challenges, the current generational shift has Millennials rapidly taking over the workforce, bringing new expectations and new priorities. Millennial technical talent can’t easily be swayed with just a higher salary. They want more — flexibility, independence and meaning.

It’s clear that medical technology will drive the future of health care. For hospitals, recruiting and retaining talented biomedical technicians will be a key driver of their future success. Get the full picture of the technical talent challenge. Check out our free infographic, “Attracting New Tech Talent: How Health Care Organizations Can Attract & Retain Millennial Biomed Techs.”

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